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What is Site Build It(SBI) is if not a Scam?

Why so many people promoting SBI (Site Build It)?Why University's choose SBI e-learning ? Is this kind of "Learn & Earn" System Is Worthy of Your Time and Effort?

Now,the race is on?what race?you ask.The race on discussing Is SBI a Scam? And the question:

will It Pay You Handsomely In return as their promise?...

I talk about SBI as a Internet newbie.

It's a fact that we spend several hundred dollars a month on fuel for our car, but how much do we spend on fuel for our mind? SBI has been created to raise the level of human potential all over the world through the most cutting edge online curriculum ever released.The learn and earn program.($300 per year) You learn---> You earn ---> You Pay!!. I know you don't mind paid $300 per year if you can make million, most realistic ;thousand a year, right? BTW will you fell stupid if you pay $3 and later on you find that you can get 100% same product for $0.30? The question is will you get the change to purchase the $0.30 product when you need it.

"Not only SBI site build it offer an educational program that can transform your life(they said), they offer a complete turnkey marketing system... A system that you can simply plug into that will help you build a worldwide organization of students that can pay you a lifetime of residual income..."

The 5 pillar affiliate program.(Don't confuse,It only 1 program in it) .And this answered to the question on the fist paragraph of this post.."Why so many people promoting SBI?"

Imagine having this marketing system making you money 24/7 while you're spending time doing the things that are most important to you..And for those who bought the SBI site build it system,you can enjoy the double what the affiliates enjoy because I know you must be the affiliates who selling SBI too.(even the site you build sxck).

This is the true and you can't deny it .SBI is legitimate and IT NOT A SCAM.It's nothing but a e commerce site that sell their service for money.Although you might think their are overprice.Yes,it 's expensive but it's definitely nothing to do with scam.If you label those who selling expensive good as a scam ,in that case, you're not wrong ,Site build it is a scam.

For those who earn decent income ,elsewhere. "$300" is nothing ,right?And if you are successful Internet marketer that earn thousand(if not million) right now,you probably don't need it.You don't need SBI ..(I admit I don't need it ,although i do't make million)

The selling point of SBI is (according to SiteBuildIt)..You charging only 3 hundreds and you have the opportunity to earn thousands (if not million)of dollars.On top of that they're allowing you to enroll with the money back guarantee!

Anyway like I always say,Money back guarantee is not the point to prove that the program is good.You don't need money back guarantee ,more then 50% don't ask for refund since it make them like noobs who get scammed .it's a tactic of the seller.

If you're beginner on make money online tour,Sitebuildit is the place for you to learn about Internet marketing and perhaps you learn what's cloak professional Internet scam too.In order to prove to you that SBI works and your tuition fee is worth every penny and more.You have to visit their site.( butch of testimonial even a collage guy ......).

Now I am not trying to sponsor new people like you to mess with those making money secret Like many of other out there.

You actually can learn the idea what SBI Site Build It build they system ,If you agree that hundreds email you received 90% never talk detailed on what's the idea of earning money online (According to experts you just need to buy thing ,sit back ,and earn money ).SBI does provide you some value that others on how to earn money online.

Every lesson I learned from Internet is priceless.At the end You consistency will be your guide to creating the type of home-based business you familiar with.A home-based business that has all the critical elements necessary for success.None of it is FAST making money system without and work.

Learn more about SBI (talk about SBI as a blogger).

What can you learn from SBI! eLearning .

Deep Down Under The Web..

"Scammers not necessary to make you lose money but they might wasted your time. And don't forget,you time is money.Avoid hanging around from those who cheating you for money or programs that just waste your time" Anyway..Don't be too confident that you're never going to be scammed.. About this Scam Prevention Blog
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