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How to appeal your Google Adsense Account after Disabled.

Your account was disabled, your earnings were being frenze ,they said it refunded to advertisers,(who know+who care) no further payments were coming your way.

Before permanently banned.We still have a chance to get your account reinstated. Try these simple process:
  1. Only If you don't do any invalid clicks. Appeal to Google. form to fill out to appeal . Be honest, truthful, and tell Google what happened. If you accidentally clicked, explain that. If a visitor clicked's what we call click boommed.It's nothing we can do.
  2. If you are still banned (or Google doesn’t respond in a week or so), appeal again. Be polite, professional, and honest. Google claims that a second appeal is futile, but if you can't live without Google adsense.Appeal again.
  3. Give the 3 solid tries before giving up on it. Even they said:we're not going to talk to you ,losses!Sent it again.If they reply is "NO RePLY".My advice to everyone is-Do not put yourselves at their mercy - find alternative advertisers..But again if you can't live without Google adsense.Appeal another time. say 1-2 year...
You can try to apply with a new name, new address, new IP address, new website, etc. -- and some get approved, only to find their account disabled again and their income withheld because Adsense found out that they were previously banned.

If they don't.Congratuation!If your account Reinstated,Congratuation!

But you don't know when it ('invalid clicks' Boomed)happened again.Just pray!

Reza Winandar said...

I have appeal four times, the first they refused me. And the second, third, fourth they didn't reply me. What should I do?

Tedty Kinley said...

Try something else..

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