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Tell-a-Friend Script that Make Money or Lose Money

Opt-in email marketing, also known as permission marketing.If you have the list(large).You can make money from your opt-in list by promoting your affiliate product.You can even sell the opt in list for money.
If you're building opt-in list starting from scratch.You can began with give away free stuff ,creating useful content on your blog to get you subscriber sign up ,etc.. These traditional process usually takes a lot of time and effort.
Since you're in Internet ,they're always faster way.....
Traditional Tell a friend scripts
You friend received a tell-a-friend form -- he then asked to enter the names and e-mail addresses of 1 to 5 friends to tell them about a web site. You can offer a freebie or a big discount on a product if they fill in every single field for the 5 friends. The result is you get 5 e-mail addresses .Then these 5 people will bring another 25 people for system will go viral.
What do you think?The list will growth up fast right?Yes,If you have some good stuff to give away .However,In Internet,they're always something more advance.
Non-Traditional Tell a friend scripts

Opt-In Accelerator is a "tell a friend script" that help in building your opt-in list , "more"+ virally.

"Opt-in accelerator helps you win the marketing battles against ordinary Internet marketers who only use ordinary opt-in pages in their marketing"
Usually if some asks for friends' emails, this is the ordinary  problem:
"I can only ever remember a few at best. But really, I'm lazy! And even if I knew a lot more I'm not wasting my time typing out any more than 2 or 3 email addresses for access into something. Even if it's for a cool bonus. "
The OptIn Accelerator 

OptIn Accelerator included an "Import Contacts" feature . (This is the exact same technology both myspace and faceb**k used to get to the positions ). It allows a user to import their entire contact list from his Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo, or AOL, makes it easy for them to do so it gets better results. The average amount of friends a user has on his list is usually between 30 and a hundred email addresses .

Opt-In Accelerator takes full advantage of this tendency by ethically encouraging your visitors to spread the word about your site, in return for a bonus gift.And thus, by leveraging your current traff*c to grow your site, you can grow your site exponentially.

Instead of asking you to type the information in, they ask for your e-mail login information. (name and password) so the script pre-populates the fields with ALL of your contacts. You can select/deselect the people you wish to include after the software collecting the name from the contact list.

Advance Outstanding Crazy Incredible "Tell A Friends Scripts"

If the person signing up has 100 people in his mail box contact list, he just told 100 people instead of 1 to 5. and the 100 people he told will in you list,then you can start sending them this "Tell A Friends offer page"  .Can you imagine the volume?

 Sound amazing,Right?

Not exactly.In fact,it is a massive business security risk People are going to buy it and use it and their customers are going to face the risk and It might damage their business either by using it for one of their sites, or giving their account access away.

It would be way too easy to steal everyone's login details and save them for later. Even if the PHP source code is encoded, you could easily store that info using an output buffer or a couple lines of JavaScript code"

Check out what they say:

Whatever xxxx Accelerator  asking you /your friends the login information (with password) in order to scrapes addresses or whatsoever.Think twice.
Perhaps you can send an email to all your friends about this post to alert then if you received this kind of offer.
It's fine to tell a friends.But remember only when you do it manually.

*pssss....Do you know Tell-a-Friend forms are not permitted for use with AWeber.
*How about 4 Basis Things You Need To Do To Build your Own List and Make Money.
*Transform your ordinary Opt-in pages into Extraordinary. In case the site is close =Visit The OptIn Accelerator

Deep Down Under The Web..

"Scammers not necessary to make you lose money but they might wasted your time. And don't forget,you time is money.Avoid hanging around from those who cheating you for money or programs that just waste your time" Anyway..Don't be too confident that you're never going to be scammed.. About this Scam Prevention Blog
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