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Make Money From AdSense Is That Easy?

What Is Google AdSense and Can We Still make Money With It?

Absolutely! (terms and conditions apply)

Google AdSense was and still is a great way to make money online. It is defined as an advertising program run by Google. Website owners can enroll in this program to enable text and image advertisements on their sites.

These ads are administered by Google and generate revenue on a per-click basis.

Google utilizes its search technology to serve ads based on website content, the user's geographical location, and other factors.

Google AdSense is probably the easiest money you can earn on the Internet.(I am not finish yet ). it also probably the easiest way for you to loss your time and energy onl the Internet!

It easily works in 4 steps.

1. Display a Google Ad on your website by pasting some short
script that you can design the look of.

2. A visitor comes to you site and click on one of the ads.

3. You earn a small commission for the click.

4. Once a month Google pays you if they owe you more than $100.

If it is so easy why doesn't everyone earn money from AdSense and quick their day j*o*b?

This is a fair question so let's answer it.

It easily "let you down" in 4 ways.

1.Many webmasters doesn't have decent traffc* .So what happened?You ad is a decoration. Vital point=Social traffc* doesn't help in your AdSense click through rate but search traffc* do.

*Don't complain ,I simply spell it wrong for SEO purpose*

2. Google AdSense do not charge the advertisers on a publisher website the same as they charge to advertise on a Google page. They charge less for the ads on your site, and if you don't optimise your keyword ,(90% webmaster don't have any idea how to optimise the earning keyword or they do it wrong)= You get $0.01 -$0.02 per click most of the time,so you make less money.

3.It's will down grade you site reputation.It's hard to control the ads that appeal on our site,you have no idea what site you ad sending your visitors to.(you can use ad filter)It's could be scammer who advertise with Google AdWords.....Okay, you don't care as long as you earn money. I agree (Make damn sure you site is search engine friendly!)

4.Your account get disable without prior notice .You have no idea whats going on and they said:"don't even think to call me"..No conversation.Just disable. The best part (for your competitors) is you forever can't use AdSense!!!

*You can try to appeal it but the damage is done.(on your heart)

The key to earn from Google AdSense = Free tips
Instead of some keyword research, creating the target contents.Understanding the type of
ads to run and where to place them is also a very important factor. Every web page has a hot spot and that is on the upper left hand side.

By blending your ad naturally into the page and placing it in the right place will have better chance to get a click and make money from it. ...

That's not easy to earn money from Google AdSense .

Don't say i didn't warn you!!Even you have the talent on placing your ads ,having great content.It useless if you don't get your target keyword rank well in a search engine results page.aka:SERP.

The SEO is most important part in making money from AdSense.

Any others way?
I will post a solution on that if i figure out ... next time..

Hack Google AdSense?you wont last long ..
Instead of honest webmaster,they are website owners who were just building Spam blog with nothing but ads on them..Using Adsense Arbitrag and sometime they do clicking their own ads .
My opinion,If you doing that,you wont last long. Google do track your click and you will in trouble whether you click you own ad or simply click bombing others.
There has been much discussion on Google AdSense.....
Lastly,a good quality website with quality information and quality traffi* coming from search engine is what it take making money with AdSense.

That's what the new Google AdSense members should aware.

p/s:According to non official statistic :

Google AdSense always(Prefer/Like/Easy) to disable the low popularity publisher . Most of these publisher are making less then $10 AdSense revenue per month. When the time they have reach the min$100 payroll.They get banned.

Do you agree?
You probably too Far to reach $100 .
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armychild2008 said...

hum, sounds pretty simple... I would say that adsense alone will not perform spectacularly, however- custom affiliate marketing ploys combined with strategic traffic generating execution plans would yield fantastic results!@!@
want to know more, send me a message! :)

scription said...

Thinking Buy some secret from Super AdSense earner?Don't even think about it.

Earning Online said...

Most secret is not secret and we can get it online.just need time to search.

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