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ShoppingAds scam or not scam

Earning online by direct people to eBay auctions and if their buy something you get paid.That's what shoppingAds offering to their affiliates to earn from ebay.It's defined as a simple and easy way to earn online.And it seem we have little bit problem with shoppingAds lately.

I Joined shoppingAds more then one year.Is shoppingAds a scam? no,not yet...

Last week ,I kind of shock when I know that my shoppingAds account had been suspended for no reason.But after I checking a bit more I knew i was wrong .They do have reasons.Infact,It more then one reason.

From email:

"ShoppingAds is undergoing a revamping and in the process has redefined the requirements of quality and traffic volume for the publishers we work with. Due to this restructuring, we regret to inform you that we have had to deactivate your account moving forward...."
Fine! For me, It's acceptable if that's the reason.

And when I logged in to my my shoppingAds. (Still able login)

They say:

Your account has been banned. (tiny)

currently accrued monthly earnings are pending for reasons beyond our control......
Our staff here at ShoppingAds will work hard to make sure that your traffic is accounted for and will be considered valid for payment. "

Contact us right away if you have any questions about how your blog or site may be disqualified.

Account Messages:
02/02/2009 We apologize, your account has been removed from our affiliate network.
Do NOT contact support.They are not capable of restoring your account.

02/02/2009 ShoppingAds is now a closed network.
Due to little or no earnings your account has been removed.
We will attempt to pay for any last revenue you may have after our next payout date.
Thank you!
From the statement they made:
  • Your account has been banned.You must be doing something wrong.. (no,I don't.)
  • You can contact them right away if you have any questions about how your blog or site disqualified But Do NOT contact them for support when it come to banned account.
What the crap!!!
To sum up why your ShoppingAds been suspected :
1.ShoppingAds is in the process of redefined the requirements of quality and traffic volume for the publishers. (good reasons)
2.Due to little or no earnings of my ShoppingAds account. (nonsense reason)
3.For reasons beyond our control. (nonsense+stupid reason)

I have moved all of ShoppingAds away from my blog network long before these crap.And i have only one blog that use ShoppingAds.I earn $25 and few dollor in commission.

I have earn very litter commission compare the real estate space that needed for their ads.However,that's not the point.The point is from the way they treat people.I just think that their system is not that secure and reliable for a long term partnership to earn money online .

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Jammie said...

Stay well clear of Shoppingads they will scam your earnings trust me. I had evidence of members purchases bought via click through and no commission was paid. When I enquired through a support ticket it was never answered.

The Shoppingads support is probably the same as the Auctionads was, NON EXISTENT you might as well send the email to a monkey, no change that a monkey might try and at least answer it!!

Also read the TOS very carefully 10X over because this scammer will wait till you have built up $50-60 and then ban your account with the TOS as the excuse. Again if you contact support NOTHING!!

The more people realise the bad practices of this outfit the better, also I think it would be a good idea to complain to ebay and commision junction about how this PIRATE treats his clients.

I am owed $55 and I'm am wondering if enough of us get together who have been scammed by this low life whether we could file a law suit.

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