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How Scraper site makes money with adsense

"The essence of Scraper site is that 90% visitors land at the scraper site and finds that it's useless."
What Scraper site mean?
"scraper site"a scraper is a site which makes use of another site's copyrighted content to their own site automatically.

Generally automated tools are used to download a web page and extract (scrape) some of the information on that page in order to place it on another web page.

Sample uses of craping include:
  • Obtaining stock quotes from another site and displaying the data on your own site.
  • Grabbing a page from others top directory like, and reformatting it on your own site to create your own web directory.
  • Creating a search engine and showing snippets in your SERPS (like Google do).

Most "scraper site" sets up a web site to show Adsense ads for a particular high performing keyword.

They then research the sites that perform well in the search engines, and extract some of the text from those sites (maybe a paragraph from each site) and display it on a web page.

Note: frequently, rather than grabbing the text from the web site directly, they scrape the content from Yahoo SERPS snippets.

They then have a page that has a load of related snippets from various sites which is highly targeted to a specific usually high paying adsense keyword, but does not contain any useful information.

The essence of Scraper site is that 90% visitors land at the scraper site and finds that it's useless.

Quite often the user will notice the Adsense ads which are likely to contain useful information relevant to the search term they entered, so they click on the ad, and the owner of the scraper site makes their money.

So,Next time when you come across these kind of scraper site ,go away by hitting a "X"close button instead.

To tell your friend what is "scrper site "and how it work,link to this post:
How Scraper site makes money with Adsense.

Warning:Google do Disables the publisher if received a report that the websites are doing illegal copying from other website like SCRPER. 

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