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What people say when they have broke up with AdSense

Have Google Adsense Account Disabled?
Listen closely.......It's not about the money,It's the actual emotions,it's personal ,it's angry/paranoid/suspicious,etc and Its like a slap in the face. The more you love(before),the more you hate.Is that scaly?

These webmaster experience will give a "Ding" on your head if you're working damn hard only on your Google AdSense blog.. (some of then really creative,I would say...)

"i think that google has not enough money to pay......tats why they disabled the accounts with no reason and with no warning....i hate google.....i mean it...."

"Just before few days of my due payment, i got a msg that they banned me because of the invalid click activity . i appealed against it but still there is no reply to the appeal ."

"If their technology for detecting "invalid clicks" is so accurate couldn't they just exclude these from any earnings, and not charge the advertisers? Wouldn't that be a less evil solution?"

"I'm discouraging anyone from using AdSense because Google branded me a cheater, when I didn't cheat, as well as other reasons."

"Appealed and got rejected.Thing is I had around $400 in my account and they have never mentioned this and ignore my emails."

These are the real people.Name has been hide to protect their identity since I never ask their permission to reposed their "heartbreak story" . If you would have your name appear,lave a comment.

Last Added:

" why don't Google give any reason in his letter ? This quite appears as
arbitrary and so quite scary. "

"Does it state that Google has to give a reason for terminating any one's account or activity?which is probably why they didn't give one"

"as you indirectly pointed out…But I go back and forth on it. The revenue from it lets me by half a loaf of stale bread if I lived in the late 1800s,"

"AdSense makes me greedy. AdSense makes me trick myself into thinking that making money online is easy. It’s never easy. Online business only rewards hard work, research, clever thinking and people that take action not once, or twice, but every day."

"what about folks like me who don't cheat? Why is Google targeting people like me?"

" maybe the Google Team didn't like the way I link all my sites together. Maybe. Who knows?!"

"Google is on a rampage, terminating accounts with extreme prejudice. They are canceling accounts first, and they aren't bothering to ask questions later."(I don' think they're asking any questions but taking action).

Some people have managed to "convince" Google to restore their "disabled" AdSense account(like me), but I think that doesn't mean I will that "lucky"next time. In short,I don't really like AdSense

AdSense does provide a revenue stream to certain people but naturally there are alternatives as well.You just have to be prepare for their "love letter".

You can express what do you love/hate about AdSense by commenting on this post and share your "money can't buy" experience with us.
Anonymous said...

My account was disabled and I have appealed so many times that I am
thinking that my appeals are not going through anymore.
Is there any one had their account reinstated after the permanent
disable? .

earningsources said...

Once your account banned,you can't join adsense again. Thats the point of no return..

John Sullivan said...

That was a pretty clever post that I enjoyed as far as google and adsense for months I hated Google now I just take my money each month like a beggar and I don't bother them and they don't bother me :) They do have to admit they love my blog tho :) as I'm sure they do yours :)
Stumbled nice work cool blog

JT said...

Thanks for comments:)

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