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Anoox search money Affiliates review

Have you try SEARCH ENGINE called AnooX, which its creators claim "a better search engine than Google or Yahoo." and It is Powered by YOU.Did you know "Powered by you" is a trade mark of Anoox?

It's a brilliant idea or it just another crazy claim
They said it's a Not-profit-motivated and Open-Source* search engine that is operated by volunteer and paid staff, working from around the World. HA! ...And Their goal is to deliver to the public the best Search results and Information .And help advertiser lowest the cost of Advertising fee.Any profits or share price motivations will share equally.

The straight thing is,while they mentioned they are non profit organization,but from the promised they made:"lowest the cost of Advertising fee for advertiser" doesn't it sound "non-profit" to you?

Further more can you believe a non-profit-motivated and open sources Search Engine has a affiliate program ?That you can earn real good commissions from AnooX Affiliate program.

I was amazed of their ambition as their ultimate goal of AnooX ,the ultimate goal of Annox is to ensuring that one or two giant companies do not monopolies all information and commerce on-line.Ha.. Well we know who they refer do , GOOGLE AND YHAOO...(perhaps they should mention "THREE"),may be they think there are better that BING..

They even ask you to Imagine how bad it would be if our only choice for eating out, World Wide, was limited to McDonald and Wendy."!"

Because they are so motivated they offer AnooX Affiliates "you" to earn a high commission on Gross sales from your Traffic that converts and your Traffic can convert in Multiple ways
  • Businesses buying Advertising on AnooX
  • People searching via AnooX search fields on your web site
  • People searching on AnooX that came to us via your Affiliate Ad banner
That's not all, you also stand a change to be a SUPER Affiliates from Anoox super Affiliate program..It's a Multi tie earning opportunity.When you refer new Affiliates to AnooX and earn a pay out equal to 20% of the commissions that they earn for themselves.

What Technology behind the Search Engine algorithm
While Google spend million on researching their search algorithm .( In 2005 alone Google spent US$484 million on research and development for their search algorithm) Let's find out what Annox have..

"with users being able to vote search results up or down, on a "one man, one vote basis per key word." The reasoning behind this is that the result will be more accurate, because a majority vote almost always generates more accurate results when compared to a machine generated result.The technique is an interesting one, but may or may not work depending on whether people are bothered to vote at advert costs will be based on a method which strives to minimise search engine advertising prices, rather than maximizing them." 
Another point AnooX is making very clear that it is a "not-for-profit" search engine, and i really have no comment about that.

"Apparently, whatever profit AnooX makes will be shared with the users - that includes search users and advertisers alike."

Let's test the search result .Go and search "Anoox"From anoox I get 290 results for the term "anoox". From the 129 results.Guess who ranked number one ?Yeah, rank on the top, that's normal .They ranked for they keyword on Google serp too.With Google i get 64,000 results.

How about the rest of 128 results ?Are there any big differences compare to google? Yes,there are ,since it use human power (remember the trade mark :-It is Powered by YOU™) the results 1 - 20 are all from
Try search "Bing" on Anoox....

Guess what?I going to vote since is not From everything we have if Anoox is not a's not to too far we can rate it as Spam .My own definition for spam here is the Internet programs that wasted our time.

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Anonymous said...

They are a scam company!
i got fooled into sending them $100 for adwords, then they never done anything.
Last week they billed my account another $100 without my consent.
I have told my bank to treat it as fraud. Their phone is cut off with no way to contact them

Anonymous said...

I tried thier advertising last year and decided it wasn't for me, I deleted any adverts that I had listed in my account thinking that would be enough to stop them taking money off me. But no, I have found out they have been taking money off my account for the past 8 months! Thier customer service appears to be rubbish and there is no contact number for them as youu said. I wouldn't go near them ever again.

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