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31 Days to Build a Better Blog FREE

If i say you can build a better blog in one month ,what do you say?.........What you mean a better blog?Hey my blog is okay.Now if that is you answer,congrats!You already have the best blog in the world (you think it is )and you know what you are doing,that's good thing.But for those who really struggle in building a better blog ,how much time you have spend on you blog?or should i say how many times someone talks to you that: "You can build a better blog" and do you really follow what their said?

Blogging Tips are everywhere

Don't you know how to build a better blog or improve your blog?You knew but you never have time to do it right?or you just too confuse with the amount of "reports"out there?

If you been around for quit some time blogging,you know most of them had similar tips and you learned the same things. Eventually, You wasted you time studying those blogging tips.

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I don't know about you ,if someone offer me a chance by showing me how can i Build a Better Blog in 31 days....

The first thing i can answer will be "Do we need 31 Days to Build a Better Blog?"

A better blog for what?Why 31 days?
I can barely think. Essentially it’s a action plan for one action or activity to do per day for a 31 day period.

Blogging is about consistency,if you learned a useful trick from whatever sources (free),keep doing it every day, not just a day for 31 days.What? you are done after 31 days? Do you get that "better blog" finally?BTW it is pretty hard to describe "A Better Blog" nowadays.

For those who blogging to make money via Google adsense,a better blog simply mean higher CTR Traffic is the key for you to make money blogging, if your blog doesn't have any traffic, you won't make money even a dime ,in this case you really doesn't need those "build a better blog blogging tips" all you need is SEO tips.

Have any bargain professional blogging tips? THANKS..I really doesn't need those" get 50% off today only!"offer.

*This is not a review post for Problogger Darren Rowse "31 Days Build A Better Blog".I just blogging ........

Deep Down Under The Web..

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