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Can I make money with affiliate program?

Did you ever heard the 'next big thing' on Internet? ChatToText

"The next big thing"is what most blogger call it.I have to agree what their said since BIG thing not necessary earning big money online,It could be big scam,big hype..

What is chattotext.

ChatToText is the world's first application that allows anyone you intent to chat with you through from virtually anywhere on the internet, straight to your cell phone.

You can add our app to your social network page (Facebxxk, Bebo, and soon MySpace), or people can find you through directly. You'll get html code that you simply copy and paste to put ChatToText on any web property. Have your site visitors click the link to send a message to your cell phone that you can reply to."


I make it simple for you:

It let you chat(send text messages) from your pc/lap top to cell phone and it work in the reverse way,.that is send text messages from your cell phone back to the pc.

Don't confuse with all those "world's first application","The ability to.."etc,whatever it is,It's just a application that sending text message.Unlike twitter ChatToText isn't free. ChatToText costs $5.99/month for unlimited text chatting through the social networks they support (currently only Facebzzk*) and according to them .Bebo...MySpace and others social network site coming soon.

Do you think the service it self worth for $5.99/month?The selling point of most blogger is that this application allows you to make money by combining ChatToText with the power Facebzzk* (definition below this post).

So you think you can earn easy money selling ChatToText by simply referring the service to others facebzzk members?(They only support facebxxk now).You should know that when you sell this application in facebxxk ,most probably the person you are selling to are your REAL friends.(facebzzk is a friends social network place) ,you are making money from your friend(or they make money from you).

Facebzzk has over 150 million ACTIVE users, monetization it allows people who install this application on their profiles to earn money.(earning money from those who paid money) Can we call it MLM? The payment provider has changed to Alert Pay simply because Paypal doesn't allow any form of MLM programs.

ChatToText my test:

Quote from their home page:

"chat with you through from virtually anywhere on the internet"

And when you signing up it tell you :
  • "Please note that Chat To Text currently only supports mobile phone carriers in the US and Canada."
Hmmmm... US and Canada=anywhere on the internet?

Just like the crap PerformancingAds.ChatToText also has very limited detail about the affiliate commission.

Will you take advantage of this

Chat To Text will officially launches on February 27th. Will you take advantage of this once-in-a-lifetime(they say) pre-launch opportunity?In Theory,If doing right..A pyramid scheme can actually earn you money .It's about timing.

You got to be an early bird .and the truth is they're more early bird that you can think of.Like, to )..etc.

, ,etc .have Nothing to Do with .They just try to take advantage of it.

My personal opinion :It's trully a method of earning money from those who paid money.If you don't mind give it a try,of couse you get the service,atlease.

Internet Scam me not

i am not a member of
* Facebzzk*??I simply spell it wrong for seo purpose..I have more serious grammar problem.Don't complain.

ePresident said...

Hey, you have a great blog here! I'm adding you to my favorite.

Anonymous said...

I think It worth it.

Josh.O said...

It says people can chat with you from (keyword) anywhere in the world. Meaning someone from China or wherever can chat with you through your phone. Just had to clarify that. Nice blog, you have your right to be skeptical about it. And you point out some key issues. I understand the Paypal problem but after reading about it in this blog

I was convinced to join. It's just 5.99 to lose and so much to gain. Plus I enjoy texting so I get something back right?

Mick said...


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