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6 type of spam letter that wasted your time

After so many years of getting spammed.I probably can tell who and which one is a scam and spam.If you plan to start and build your own online business.BEWARE of these Top 6 type of letter.The_ _ _colume is your/their name.

1.With special announcement
Hello_ _ _ _,This is one of those rare occasions when I had to send a special report
Here's what this is all about...

Are you finding it difficult to make money on-line?
This is no way to truly succeed on the Internet without a program that actually works!

I was up until 3:00 in the morning putting together this letter about The Auto Cash System........

.Time Sensitive FREE Offer(threat)
Hi _ _ _ _,We just can't believe you haven't secured your F*R*E*Eposition in the new program yet.
Just about everyone we've sent this to has jumped in, watched us build a TEAMunder them, and wants to get started ASAP!Urgently Go Here: (sample)What's holding you back Brain?

It's not going to cost you a thing to _ _ _ at it.Things are really heating up and I don't want you left behind. Remember, the longer you wait, the more customers you lose.You're going to love this.

Urgently Go Here: (sample)

.How good They are
Find Out How Our Completely Automated System Brought in 2,937 People in One Month Without Talking To a Single Person!

And _ _ _ _,I'm so excited about this I had to send this to you immediately...

The Money!
Hello_ _ _ _,If you'd like to be personally mentored to the top by a proven success who created $_,_ _ _,_ _ _._ _ in online sales in only _ _ months...

PLUS get access to $_,_ _ _ of t e mostpowerful success oriented products for FREE - on a 14-Day FREE Trial basis... Then the time to act is NOW on this limited time offer...

.The Friends of mine ;)
Hi _ _ _My friends _ _ _ _ and _ _ _ _are FINALLY revealing how they earn $_ _ _,_ _ _ (6 figure)profit...
and that's just the tip of the iceberg.

They earn numbers like this in several niches.Check it out here and get the full story on their niche marketing blueprint..

And the best part is...They say that you can duplicate their system even if you have...Go know!

My friends url: (sample)

6.Tell Your Friends (chain letter)
Hello,_ _ _ you should try this,

You can earn $46,000 or more in next the 90 days sending e-mail.
Seem impossible? Read on for details (no, there is no "catch")...
(You can earn $50,000 or more in the next 90 days sending e-mail.
Seem impossible? Is there a catch? NO, there is no catch; just
send your e-mails and be on your way to financial freedom.

Basically, I send out as many of these e-mails as I can, then
people send me cash in the mail for information that I just e-mail
back to them. Everyday, I make a three minute drive to my P.O. Box
knowing that there are at least a few hundred dollars waiting for
me. And the best part, IT IS COMPLETELY LEGAL.)

Sent it now to:


Do you receive this kine of Sales letters ?Throw in away immediately to save your money.(Time is money)

If these are the example of letters you might send to your subscribers . Think again! you may have a tough time to build up or repair your relationships with Your "customers" .

Deep Down Under The Web..

"Scammers not necessary to make you lose money but they might wasted your time. And don't forget,you time is money.Avoid hanging around from those who cheating you for money or programs that just waste your time" Anyway..Don't be too confident that you're never going to be scammed.. About this Scam Prevention Blog
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