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Does your Blog Paid You Base on What You have Done?

Blogger, Does your blog paid you base on what you have done?

Are you dreaming day and night on how to earn money online from your blog?

Are you popular ?

Maybe you get a few visitors now and then. Maybe you get spider by search engines for few long tail keyword. Mostly though, it just come and go.... Is the blog your created paid you base on what you have done?
If your blog just fails to perform perhaps you should know which group of blogger you belong to....

Why do you blog?
Different type of blogger with different kind of blog.Some people blog for interest and same blog solely for money .

A blog can be a tool to earn a decent living and this is the fact.Due to this fact,It will significant motivate yourself to spend numerous hour on your computer .The fact is that you can only made money from you blog when you blog is popular.It take a lot of time and yes sometime your blog just fail to perform and you just don't know how to make it better.

Are you famous?
You might be either:
  1. Very popular.
  2. Popular(but not that popular).
  3. Not popular but you do have your followers.
  4. Not popular and no followers
Which one you think you are?and which one you think the worse?

It's really doesn't matter which group you belong to,infact you could be very popular in the further even you're not popular right now.

The key point to determine the success of the blogger.

The point is whether you enjoying blogging or not?
If you have the feeling giving up blogging because you didn't earn the money that you dream for,perhaps you shouldn't start blogging at the first place.May be I should say you shouldn't blogging just for money .

What more worse then "You're not enjoying blogging".
You might be either:
  1. Very popular but you not enjoying blogging = It's fine. you're smart .Blogging is just a business to you. . (you can leave this post anyway).
  2. Popular(but not that popular) and you not enjoying blogging = Acceptable. but you're not happy because you're not earning enough money .
  3. Not popular but you do have your followers and you not enjoying blogging = Hard to continue and you're falling.
  4. Not popular with no followers and you not enjoying blogging = God bless you.(it's really not your fault )
  5. Not popular with no followers and you not enjoying blogging BUT you wish to make money online from blogging. =You most likely not going to popular (and make money)!!!!

When Group #5 started their make money journey ,It's really not hard to recognize from the quality of their blog.

  • By creating a blog with ads upside down.
  • No useful content/duplicate contents.
  • Every product is perfect and good without really go through it.
  • ......Hard to discrete.(you know those crab)
The success rate of these blogger is very low and because they doesn't enjoying blogging, they'll giving up very fast.Since they're dreaming on " made money online by doing nothing".These group of people also a target of " making money by doing nothing report's" seller"..these type of blogger creating a business opportunity's for them (crab 'Report's" sellers)and at the same they're creating a lot of spam/rubbish blog online.

The one who love blogging

Blogger should creating value when blogging and don't focus too much on making money before you "making popularity".
Are you the one who love blogging but not popular ? If you don't really (not that much) care about making money from blogging.Even you have only one are a happy blogger.It's really not hard to recognize from the contents of the blog.These blogger is enjoy blogging (even the content is lousy)....and I respect that.

If you love blogging but you're not popular and thinking how to make money online day and night.It's fine ,In fact it is something"motivate"as well.Just you need more time and energy to achieve that.

What separate you? They must be something separate you from those "pro blogger"who making decent living from blog.

If you really like blogging you should learn from the scratch and never stop learning and improving your scale ,providing great content.No shortcut No copycat and Don't even think they is a secret you can buy that without any effort you can earn billion dollar overnight.

I will discuss some of the top blogging tips on coming post and I do need some time to reorganize these blogging tips.I will post it next time with the title " Top blogging tips that make your blog To Perform".

"Happy blogging....."

P/s:I really don't care about it.:

  • I actually happy even I am categorized as Not popular cause I blogging for my Sanity. (for this blog)
  • I felt that my English was not good enough for communicating in the university but just work well on the Internet.;) so please don't border too much about the grammar thing.
  • Blogging is different from Internet Marketing.Where Internet Marketer treat it as a business .They invest far more money and time on advertising and SEO rather then creating contents.You doesn't need to have decent contents to be an Internet Marketer but definitely you do need a lot of money and scale to be a successful Internet marketer.Now,that's different topic.This post is talk about make money from Blogging and why you should be happy with it.
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