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How Automated Advertising Services Scam

How online advertising services can scam?Do you ever heard "Automated Advertising Services".These type of advertising company promising you to get certain hit/click with certain amount money,e.g 10,000 hits for $100 ,charging price ranging from$10-$100 ..

Below is the live story by Victor(Norway)who get scammed buying those of the services he bought is 6000 visitors a month ,and after purchase the package .He do some tracking for those hits for 2 days,let's find out the story...


Website involve:
The owner: Dxrryl Gxahxm
Time: 2006-2008

One of the services is 6000 visitors a month and after tracking those hitsfor 2 days I realised that all the hits where coming from the same IP address and addressed the owner of 2TillPrxfits, Dxrryl Gxahxm. He told me that he was not happy with it either and was going to change the hits supplier. This should probably be done by the next two weeks. This was on 24th Nov. 20xx

December 15th nothing had happened and I addressed Dxrryl Gxahxm again. He apologized and said it took longer than expected and would be done sometime the week after. Nothing happened and on the 29th he sent out a new note to all members telling us that now the new advertising system would be ready the next week...

On January 6th they eventually got the new system up. I set it up and guess what! I still got hits from the same IP address;two different addresses this time. I also got the same IP address on hits from two of 2TillPrxfits other services, so I started to be very suspicious.

I decided to check out the company that where sending me hits and found their page through my tracking URL. I must say I was mighty surprised when I found out that it was owned by Dxrryl Gxahxm! The man who is the owner of 2TillProfit and told me he had talked to the owner of the advertising company (himself) about the problem. How much more of a Scam could this be?

I decided not to tell him of my newly found information, but to see what his answer would be when I asked him where he was getting the hits from. Not surprisingly he never answered that question. I sent him the question a second time, but still no answer.

I cancelled my account shortly after and could count my hits (should be 6000 a month). They had reached a total of 1740 hits in the 2 months I'd been a member.

My advice is for you to stay clear of this type of company and any other company that is run by Dxrryl Gxahxm or (which he is the owner of).

Here is the list of domains/companies that doing this type of business":
Auto-Advertising Network
Auto-Banner Network

Working with:

The domain listed might have switch to new owner and it might not the scam site as descried .However if it operate same kind of business model or needed you to spend money,you should be caution..

e-mails communication betwen Victor Roesta and Dxrryl Gxahxm, Click Here.

If you have bought those Automated Advertising Services, always track your stat.
"The One of the Thing That Separates Those Who Make Money and Those Who Don't Is Analyzing..."

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computer fraud said...

If people would of been better informed, by the authorities and the media, this kind of scam would definetely don't work at all. No one would be so foolish to believe anymore.

ifraud said...

The ways of committing computer fraud are very diversified, and so, people should be informed and ready to fight them all.

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"Scammers not necessary to make you lose money but they might wasted your time. And don't forget,you time is money.Avoid hanging around from those who cheating you for money or programs that just waste your time" Anyway..Don't be too confident that you're never going to be scammed.. About this Scam Prevention Blog
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