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Where to removed Ripoff Report

Anonymous had left a comment on one of my post

"Reports are NEVER removed from Ripoff Report. They are there forever .........."
I have some resources below.
Click Here to remove Ripoff reports
Get Rid of Rip Off Report in 6 Weeks

Letter from
Since January we have successfully removed Rip Off Report 9 times for our different clientèle. I say 9 times as in 9 different search terms, like "Brand Name," "Brand Name Product" etc… we now control 26 out of the first 30 pages for these clients and have filled the search results with information on awards and recognition they have received. Rip Off Report is on it's way to the third page and we are going to make sure it never sees the light of day. To one of our clients this will mean a savings of over $600,000 a year as they have been loosing on average of $2,500 a day in sales. Another client upwards of $200,000 will be saved annually.

If your brand or company is suffering from Rip Off Report Results you can contact us and we can analyze your situation. If you think you can handle it on your own, or you have other sites not as authoritative as Rip Off Report slandering your brand, I will outline some steps you can do to start the cleansing process.

Before I lay out the steps towards removing site listings, understand that we do not work with companies that are truly ripping people off.
We work with clients that were attacked from competitors or have customers jump to conclusions and report them without trying for resolution............
If you are going to have a site with that kind of power you should be acting in due diligence and asking companies to comment before allowing the post to go live. That is what the news does.
Also we sleep at night even though we go after the rip off report because they are out to get companies and have been accused of some shady stuff. (Do a Google Search Rip Off Report Lawsuit and Rip Off Report Racketeering to see for yourself)

I'm not saying that there are not legitimate complaints in the Rip Off Report, there obviously are, for this reason we do our research before working with a client to remove the Rip Off Report pages for them, and again that is why we make sure we are only working with sites that are suffering and not hurting consumers.
If the site you are going after is really authoritative you will need to go at this with a lot of percision contact us if you need any assistance.
I never try it before since I never ripoff by anyone(at this moment) and i have no intentions to try it.

Whether it true or not my though is:

If you are going to have a site with that kind of power to rid people off ,you should be acting in due diligence.

It shouldn't be any fees involve..

They(Ridoff) never ask for money anyway,It's third party ( give the "service" removing ridoff report.

Why they do that if the report as mentioned "NEVER removed" .They going to spoil their very own reputation on this.

Do you ever think who possibly behind it?No matter who they're ,they're doing it right accept one thing:they make money from it.

Let assume is a scam.Now,what happened?

"Reports are NEVER removed from Ripoff Report forever "

If anyone can write a report there and the "Reports" are NEVER removed from Ripoff Report forever "

Let's say:

A:Don't buy any Americans made hx brand computer product it's low tech and has possion ....
B:Don't believe xxxblogger say,he has mental problem....Damn!
It might be true and how about it's wrong.
If the report will NEVER remove. Don't you think It going to be very very MESS and very very Non-sense.
Personally I think" Rid off "is a good place to share our though.Any reports any comments ,use your common sense to determine.
Anonymous ,If you don't like /not agree with me go rid me off at the link below.
Rip Off Report.

ben said...

I agree with you.

Anonymous said...

LOL. Completely, utterly FALSE. No one has EVER had a Ripoff Report removed, despite their claims. I'd wager the guy who said what's in quotes is being sued by ROR as I write. Believe what you want, but they never go away. Many have tried, none have succeeded. This just reads like a hopeful ad (with so many misspellings my head is spinning). NONSENSE. If you don't believe me, try it, and say goodbye to your money...for nothing.

JT said...

I can accept you explanation .Seems to me that you are judging perhaps a little too harshly. Why don't you just stop complaining about the spellings and stop using "Anonymous"?

I don't really care how people spell as long as I understand and because Not everyone is a like. Misspellings are not indicative of intelligence. Creative thinkers are not likely to be great spellers.Creative thinkers like Steven Spielberg who can’t spell, might be writing you. Would you seriously turn down someone so gifted just because of misspellings or bad grammar? I always give someone a chance when I see misspelled or bad grammar and I will not give people a chance when they turn down someone for their grammar or misspellings .This is Internet.Not your examination hall.And where did you find "so many misspellings"?

Anyway I don't really care.

chow said...

I like your blog and Yeah,who gives a shit about misspellings. its the damn internet, not high school.Be considerate and be respect .Moreover I think It's not many misspellings as "Anonymous" discrete.

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