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Who Do You Hate in make money online blogosphere

Do you agree most of the make money online blogger are "suck".I am not taking about how much money they earned .I am talk about the way they made pople hate them....I must admire i am not jealous .
Sometime,I got the feeling . Are they really teaching people how to make money online rather then spending money buying stuff (affiliate programs) ..

Paul Bourque has written a "thoughtful" post about how top blogger "suck" in a make money online niche ( Paul has include himself ) ;)

Below I pick up few blogger that Paul Bourque frame on his blog.which I think very funny and it might be true....
Shoemoney A.K.A. Baldmoney
Learn absolutely nothing about affiliate marketing but learn all about Jeremy's top picks for the next UFC site. It's also cool if you like to waste 2 minutes every Retarded T-Shirt Friday to look at Shoemoney's ugly self wearing a T-shirt. The ultimate clan leader for all noobs, all hail Shoemoney.
John Chow A.K.A. John Chicken Chow Mein
About 90% of his posts are crappy product/service reviews that are pretty much useless, and then another 8% are posts with pictures off all the egg fu young he's eaten this past week. The remaining 2% are posts that won't help you, making Chow's blog virtually useless.
Zac Johnson A.K.A Little Johnson
It makes no sense to me how that qualifies him to write a "Super Affiliates Guide to PPC" when he openly admitted at Affiliate Summit earlier in the year that he really doesn't do PPC.
NickyCakes A.K.A. My Name Is Super Gay?
Notice how gay talking in the third person is? Welcome to the blog of NickyCakes, talking in the third person, bashing people, promoting Advaliant for their green tea offers and playing CoD4 seems to be Nicky's life. My guess is that he's on high dosages of medication and when he forgets to take them, he blogs.
Click Consultants A.K.A. Click to be Scammed!
It's a shame he made a post with his "earnings" that was legitly proven to be fake.
Jonathan Volk A.K.A. Jokeathan Volk
By the time you get to Volk, you just get completely bored. It's information every single one of us has seen probably five thousand times, making us learn absolutely nothing from visiting his blog..... I have nothing to say about Volk except ZZzzZZzzzzzzz…
Tyler Cruz A.K.A. Tyler Cruz to the Top Blogging Instead of AM!
At least the guy is honest with the fact that he doesn't make squat with affiliate marketing, but it seems like the flood of newbies doesn't really understand that.
From what I can tell there's way too many "make money online" or "Let me show you how much money I earning online" and try to tell you things that make you think you can do the same with very little effort and make money online.

Do you especially hate some $uper Affiliate blog ?You will when the time is right...


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