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Real Estate And Adsense Secret Scammer

The Story on how  they get scammed by Real Estate Mentor and Ex Adsense Secret Writer ..

Dean Graziosiis is a Real Estate Investor and a coach , teaching people how to make money with real estate investing .

I bought the Dean Graziosi info product from the tv...there  are okay, but some of the information was outdated...Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae are no longer in existence

I kept receiving phone calls from an 801 area code....i didnt know the # so i didnt pick up. Finally i did, and I should have known it was a scam...they asked me how interested i was in real estate investing, and would i be willing to spend 10-15 hours a week researching, was I a hard worker, go getter, and how bad did i want to make money

Many phone calls later, David Hodgkinson convinced me to fork over $7000 to have a dedicated COACH work with me through my first 5 daels, then I would be refunded the money after 5 deals. I asked him if anyone ever failed, he said yes. I asked him about his investing background, he told me.Well, i figured if they will gve me a good coach, and you get your money back after the 5th deal, what have i got to lose...

well, the answer is $7000
The coach they assigned me, Matt Walton, knows nothing about the NY market
the course is basically a longer version of the book...I had a real estate license, i dont think you can pull off assignment contracts in nyc without being put inn jail.
Also, we deal with co-ops, condos, rentals, sublets...not so many Matt ahd no clue how to help me

My partner and I did two deals on our own involving rentals...i told matt via email his service was inferior, and I was learning more from my partner than he could teach the few times we spoke, all he did was talk about the weather in Utah, and didnt offer me any advice, plus, he kept trying to change my appointment time

PLUS they gave my phone number out to all these scamming companies like the tax club, and others...they are eating up my cell minutes!!!!!

Two days later, I received a call from their \"lack of service\" customer service department from GREG....if i was talking, he kept talking the same time trying to out talk me....what is that!

And he says I knew i only had 3 days to rescind my offer and he would only give me $4700.But i said, your coach sucks, and i shouldnt have to pay for inferior service, and the course is just like the damn thing i bough from Dean, only more expensive!!!

He kept yelling at me...I dont know if they are even going to give me this back.Discover card said give them 15 days...after that, they will help me with the dispute

Please, I need your help.Not only do i  deserve my money back, but shut these people down,we should not have to pay for inferior service.And now all these other scammers are calling because of them.Help!

The about quotes was written by angrichik and appear in
 Anyway..There are some people out there who have wrote wonderful reviews about this man, may be there are trying to sell you something ..may be they are not.

 If Graziosi is so BRILLIANT at real estate himself, why isnt he just concertrade on those multimillion money methods instead of promopting those "info-product" and "DVDs" on infomercials. Well it remaind me  Joel Comm which is one of the most successful Affiliate Marketer in sxcking newbie money by telling/selling  them the "secrets of Google Adsense", mind you, it's broken into 8 parts and it isn't short, but it mostly useless And yes he made decent money from selling PDF instead of Google Adsense. He knows Adsense never made him that kind of money..or simply the secrets of Google Adsense" just a crap...

You never saw Donald Trump pushing this kind of stuff.Don't you?  He doesn't need the money and obviously knows a whole lot more than Graziosi.

I wouldn't send this guy any more money than I would Kevin Trudeau, and that amount is exactly ZERO. I just finished watching Graziosi's latest infomercial where is includes a video from "an actual person". Whoopee! an "Actual Person"? As opposed to what?, a dog or an alien. This guy is full of B.S. There are no secrets are magic to real estate. Just common sense. Go to the library and do some research online on your own for free and you'll come out far better.

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"Scammers not necessary to make you lose money but they might wasted your time. And don't forget,you time is money.Avoid hanging around from those who cheating you for money or programs that just waste your time" Anyway..Don't be too confident that you're never going to be scammed.. About this Scam Prevention Blog
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