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Get Scammed When ordering from Chinese

What can you do if you get scammed By China Supplier

1. If the seller is a registered factory or company in China, you can contact or you can go and meet local officials in person(if it's is large amount of money) Normally you can contact following organs in China:

AIC (Administration for Industry &Commerce), Tax Bureau, Fair Trade Department with Ministry of Commerce and local Police Station etc.

2. If your supplier is not a registered factory or company in China, you can file a law suit at local government officials for that person, if you know their Chinese name and ID in China.

No matter what kind of your suppliers is in China, you’re required to report your case in details in Chinese to local officials if you need their help.

The problem is Most of local officials know nothing about English and it’s hard to crack down any case with scammer created English names online. For example, in China, there are nearly 300000 people sharing the same Chinese name ‘Zhang Wei’. Normally local officials will help you out if you or your authorized Rep reports the case to them in person in China, and the scammer can be heavily fined or forced to refund you as soon as possible.

It is almost impossible you can get your money back when you don't have any detail for the suppliers.

Basic Tips for doing business in China
If applicant ,always check their Business License and Export License with local officials before making any payment in China! You might also needed ask them for their full company name in Chinese sometimes.Just in case.

Sign a formal Purchase or Sale Contract if your order is large enough. Check out this article to learn more on how to check and make formal contract in China

4. Conduct a Pre-shipment Inspection or During-production QC Inspection before you order large quantity of goods in China.

5. For bunch order.If your buy from an individual instead of resisted company.Ask for the supplier ID information(ask them to photocopy to you with watermark) .You might get a fake ID detail but better them non.Anyway,you should able to judge from the way they handle it.

6.Ask if they have any foreign references.

Remember,If you can provide the real name,address and other necessary info of the suppliers, you can apply lawsuit in China and they are ton of local company willing to do it on your behalf.

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