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Stop Complaining,Start Working.

I come up somebody who giving out some advise to AdSense publisher by asking them "Stop Complaining. Start Working!"He also answer some questions asked by AdSense publishers.

Question and Answer by the "Observer"
Q: I got banned! Can I apply for another publisher account?

A: If you broke the rules, then sorry… you can’t apply for another account. Ignorance of the law is not an excuse.

Q: Can I place ads as soon as my site is alive and kicking?

A: It’s your choice, but it’s best if you just wait for some loyal visitors to come. Place your ads when you already have a stable amount of daily traffic.
Q: How many times can I click my own ads per day?

A: Did you read the terms of service yet? Check it out, the answer’s there. Fine, I’ll be straight to the point. The answer is a big fat ZERO! (Sorry, you can’t click your own ads.)
Q: How come no one’s clicking my ads? My site gets 1,000 visits a day and I have some great stuff to offer…

A: Did you place your ads where people can see them? If you’re serving ads, show them to the world. Don’t hide them in the shadows. Check this post for ways to increase your CTR (click through rates).

And he has some Things to Remind you:
1. Read the AdSense Terms and Conditions.
2. You MUST NOT put “Please click my ads plz plz plz plz!” on top of every ad unit. You WILL get banned.
3. Don’t be stupid and click your own ads. ‘Nuff said.


Sound like Google team who said that.Right?No, He is not Google team member . (He might pretend he is)

Anyway.Thanks to the" Observer".Giving out those advise.

Certainly I never heard any New AdSense publisher who keeps on complaining by earning less then 2 cents.(I am not complaining even i earned "zero" cent).

If you think a lots of AdSense users who break the rules,complain and plead Google to reinstate their accounts is a sin. You haven't know the numbers of people who get banned by no reasons.

" Don’t be stupid and click your own ads."

How many people will that stupid to click on they own ads,even they do ,can you call them "stupid"?

If they don't know the rule,They will click on it,In that case They weren't stupid ,They just "don't know".For those who already know the rules and click on the ads They're not stupid either.They just "too clever".

NO body is stupid. (In case you are visit this Motivational blog)

How many times can I click my own ads per day?

Personally,I think this is really stupid question that i ever heard.Do you believe somebody really ask that way?

How come no one’s clicking my ads? My site gets 1,000 visits a day and I have some great stuff to offer…
If he has 1,000 visits per day and knowing giving some good staff to attract visitors.He shouldn't ask this question...

To whom who ask /wrote that questions.Now that what we call "stupid" .

BTW.This sentence is very popular when people appealing their Google AdSense account.

"I am not that stupid to click on my own ads"

And it's true.


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I agree on that.

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