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Google's Sweatshop?We Should Earn More Money

We work hard every day.Spending our time at work .(Work at Home business also need to work)...We try every possible to earn more money.. We may have a good income…maybe even great income,but do we have a real business?

We’ve forgotten Do you abandon some more valuables thing?do you have better choice?…Most of the time,We are so busy until we are forgotten to measure /evaluate what we're doing . Perhaps we refuse to know "deeper" just because we're not ready for the change.

We're not dare to change.We're so used to what we call" routine".

Below a interesting story wrote by jon . He pointed out one blind spot that I wasn't aware before this.Ever since I have lived in a "Reality world". Yet, I was not aware of my condition. It was not until now.

Are You Working in Google's Sweatshop? I

you have Google's AdSense on your site then please raise your hand and say YES [You can add Amen if you like too].

Do you remember the scene in the first Matrix film where they show the reality of the earth and the humans are all being used as batteries. Even though their life energy is being sucked out of them they are content because they are fed a constant illusion of how great life is. Using AdSense on your website is just like that. You may have a good income…maybe even great income, by most measures, but do you have a real business…no.

Do you have control of your customers and your source income?No. You give away the rights to monetise your customers for 35 cents a piece and you have no way of ever contacting them again.

Can Google turn off you revenue without reason and without warning? Yes. Did you know that even if you had earned $10,000 dollars and it was the 29th of the month and Google decided that you have committed click fraud they can terminate your account and you'll lose that month's revenue?

That sounds a little sweat-shopish.Think of AdSense as this huge harvester of Internet traffi*c. It goes around to all the little websites and practically steals their traffic for pennies and gives it to merchants who turn it into big bucks.

You sweat on your blog creating content and building traffic and then you sell it at sweatshop prices because you don't have enough business sense to realize where the real value is in your traffi*.

The Valuable click

What if that click that you're getting 35 cents for on average is turning into $20 on average on a merchant's site? blogBut what's more amazing is that all us blogsters think it's so fantastic that AdSense graces us with a couple bucks each month. blogWe really are living in the Matrix.

I have no evidence that such a ratio is the reality, just call it a hunch…think of it this way, why would so much money be pouring into the AdWords system, if it wasn't yielding a very good return.

Here's a chart of what I call the "Internet business food chain":

  • Sell Your Own Products .
  • Sell Other People's Products to Your Email List.

  • Sell Other People's Products off of your website [Affiliate] .

  • Create Content and Sell Your Traffic with AdSense .

  • Buy Traffic [keyword bidding] and direct it to someone else's products .

The higher you are on that list, the more you have a real business, the more money you can potentially earn and the less you are vulnerable to the whims of other people, some of which don't care very much about you.


Google's Sweatshop is just an example.They're hundred and thousand this kind of situation happened around us. I have to say i am just a ordinary guy. But I believe think beyond the ordinary(out of the box) will make a different .Just pick one that suit you ,your ability.


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