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I Wrapz Employment Opportunities

iphone skin scam
I Wrapz is an online retailer selling ipoh,iPhone skin cover,designs and manufactures covers for gadgets from iPods, Blackberries and handheld electronics of all kinds to larger laptop covers.

Basically there is nothing to complain if there do milling the goods to the buyer according to what their have advertised.They might be overpriced but that should not categorized to scam or related to scam ..

But when they goes one step further,offering employment opportunities that involve investment(money),that's something you should always be aware..

Below quotes from's members
There is a lot of advertising out there regarding a mall cart program by i-Wrapz Corp. out of New Jersey. They sell dome gel skins for cell phones and iPods.Do Not Become a Cart Owner!Their income claims are false.They knowingly sold unlicensed, illegal products to their owners (Spongebob, Disney Characters, NFL MLB and NBA teams, and many others without have the right to do so - Major Lawsuit Pending by Disney, Nike, Warner Brothers and DC Comics)

They lie to you about what other carts are generating. If the carts were really doing as well as they are then you would see all malls in the tri state area with an iwrapz cart in them. In fact if you just do some research of the malls around there office location in NJ you will not find any.

The two owners Joe and Oscar are scammers and only care about opening a new cart because they get that initial investment from the fool that opens the cart. They lie to you from the start and continue to lie to you once you are in business with them. They don't even have a company owned cart. What does that tell you? Don't waste your hard earned money with these thieves.

Once a new cart opens up it will close within weeks or a couple of months because the item does not sell like they tell you it does. If you don't believe me ask for proof of income of the carts that are in business. They will never produce it. Or ask them to produce invoices of orders from the carts that are in business. They should easily be able to produce this but they won’t.

They continue to go to new areas to open carts for that initial investment they get. Once they burn out a new location in a few weeks they will not be able to open one in that mall again because people catch on that it is a scam.

They don't even have their locations on their website because they close so fast that they were being exposed by adding a new location on their site only to have to renew it a few weeks later because it went out of business.

Click on 'Employment Opportunities' and you get a sentence and an email form:

If you are interested in contacting us for emplymeny you can do so directly via our online form below

Guess they forgot to run spell check, what is 'emplymeny'?

Click on 'Privacy Policy' and they state:
we use information that users voluntarily provide in order to send out electronic newsletters and to enable users to participate in polls, surveys, message boards, and forums. We send out newsletters to subscribers on a regular schedule

occasionally send out special editions when we think subscribers might be particularly interested in something we are doing.

So, they admit they will send spammy type emails.

Click on 'Contact Us' all that comes up is a phone number and email form:

Contact us today at (973) 759-0162.
Click on 'About Us' and even less comes up:About Us sample content


That is all, guess they couldn't be bothered to input anything there to tell anyone who they are and what they do, wonder why?

I Wrapz Employment Opportunities scam

Isn't that wired?a professional online retailer ....emplymeny'?Employment ?If I Wrapz is a scam ,they just stupid scammers..
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