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Is A Scam

 Did you ever heard Yattle ?Check out the quote below:
  • It gives you access to your favorite websites and links when you're not sitting at your desk.
  •  It will happily tell the world about your site or favorite link through Featured, Latest or Hot Favorites. 
  •  It will list your own bookmarks for FREE and for a small charge, it will publish your links for the world to see.
  •  It will help your SEO plan along the way, bumping up the number of visitors to your site.
I bet if you visiting the site ,you will get coughed by the "big slogan" or "title":The DoFollow Social Bxxkmarking Site.

Well,What is is an online bxxkmarking tool.And it's dofollow.So just like others thousand DOFOLLOW BM sites,you might think you can join the site and put your link inorder to get a dofollow linkback to your blog or web site.

Yes,  You can add your "favorite url" to your own page on and it free of charge. You own page simply mean for your own and not visitable to public including the most important visitors to your site : search engine spider and bots.

Is a scam?
You don't have to pay any money if for your own use,if you have a link that you would like to publish to all the visitors of (including search engine visitors and bots)you need to paid,obviously,it isn't a scam and it's free for personal use .Note that i have no guarantee that the site will scam you up after you pay for the links.

At there use credits to give you a link,check out the prices below:
  • 5 Credits get credits at $2.95
  • 10 Credits get credits at $5.90
  • 20 Credits get credits at $11.80
  • 50 Credits save 5% and get credits at $28.03
  • 100 Credits save 10% and get credits at $53.10
  • 250 Credits save 15% and get credits at $125.38
Featured Favorites - 20 Credits
Recent Favourites - 1 Credit

I was thinking do i need this "dofollow temporary link"to increase my PR ? Check out the linking period below:

Publishing Links:
  • If you publish a link to "Featured Favorites" it stays there for 6 months.
  •  If you publish a link to "Recent Favorites" it stays there for 3 months.
If you think it will bring good value to your blog or web site ,go try it.Personally i think it's no a good way to improve sites SEO in the long run.

Anyway you can give it a try,if you worry they might close down the site before the linking period.try out the shorted period fist.

It's a great place for you to use it as an online bxxkmarking site,take it as you personal online tool ,and you can be sure you never get scammed.
Jay Chow said...

As you might already know,many BM sites are using "dofollow" link to attrade users to visit to their site and gaining bunch "contents"for the site.It also generate good alexa raking for the site when we clicks on the site when publishing a link.The trick is ,these dofollow site will turned to nofollow sites when time come.All the link you have added to the site will certainly has no value to your site.

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