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Plenty of Fish Serious Member scam?

They are always some serious joke around us on internet,this one from,if you have join the dating site Plentyoffish you know there is a service call "Serious Member",it is a paid service for you to upgrade your membership at Now we I'm not talking about it's a scam or not scam,i just share my though about the "Serious Member" thing...

A "serious membership" is an optional paid membership available on Plentyoffish POF,The function is to be eligible normal member to become a serious member, you must pass a psychology test measuring your integrity, sincerity and ability to form a relationship.

As you might already know or going to realized that 90% of all free dating websites are cheaters,they use fade name ,fake photo,fake profile etc...To overcime the problem ,the paid membership might be a good option for those who really serious in getting a relationship online,okay,here is the trick,as a "Serious Member", you have to pay,this is how they make money,you get a medallion on your profile that indicates your status to other users, indicated that you are "SERIOUS" .

You also own unlimited login points for sending email gifts and uploading 16 pictures instead of 8 on your profile. You also get unlimited access to a selection of colourful background themes.

So,after all the benifit you get as a "serious mwmber" did you really get what you realling looking for (serious relationship)?If you think paying Plentyoffish will make you success in dating your new friends,you might felt disappointed.

Let's check out how POF work and Steps  for How To Get Started:

Step 1. Create a profile! (FREE)
Go to POF Click on 'Register' and follow the steps specified on that page.

Step 2. Upload an image!
There are two options to upload uploading a photo, the new Flash-based uploader and traditional uploader. well it really doesn'y matter which way you chosse to upload those "avatar"..You can upload up to a maximum of 8 photos. You have the option to  adjust your thumbnail image. A thumbnail image is a reduced sized version of your picture that will be used to identify you in the search feature.(you profile picture) Once your image appears in a thumbnail version you can choose to make your photo public.

Step 3. Create a detailed profile!
Write more about who you are , edit descriptions, username, email, and password. When people click on your profile link ,thet will landing on your profile page.For free user.You cannot  change your theme unless you have atlease 5,000 points.

Step 4. Start Serching Friends
Click on 'Search' on the top menu bar. There are five search options to search basic and specific characteristics, users looking for marriage, usernames and matches in your city.

Step 5. Send a message!
Once you found the intersted one ,and you are on the user's profile of that person and sent a message to introduce yourself.You can choose to send a short or long message. you can also attach a private picture to your long message.

DONE!That is it.

Everyone can join POF for free,however as a free member,they either join it out of boredom, curiosity or to mess around.Common sense, If one aren't serious enough to pay for a service, then he most likely aren't very serious about dating online either,right?

The reason of getting serious membership according to Plentyoffish is to let's others know you are serious,but by labeling themself as a top free dating site,they are suppose to aid in helping you meet someone other than wasting  they money just to tell other this member is good and serious..

There are plenty HALF free dating sites out there,these free sites keep forgetting that they are providing a DATING SERVICE of convenience which is suppose to save you time and energy. They don't really care about their member, website quality as much as they care about ad impressions and click through rates. In turn all these free sites or any sites which allows free profiles or limited free contact and has the word "free" anywhere on their website is going to be a degraded, cut down version of a real service. cant call them scam..

Plentyoffish serious member sales pitch page:
Stand out in searches and when you send emails.

Let's others to know you are serious and you’ve put real effort into finding someone then you should get your serious member profile upgrade. Take a look at some of the screen shots below. Think about it, do you take people more seriously if they have paid for something? If you got 50 emails from random people and 2 of them were from serious members, which ones would you be more excited about? If you look at 20 people coming up in a search result and one of the profiles is in gold which profile would you look at first? This upgrade is about signaling intent and giving you the ability to stand out from 10′s of millions of other users. If you are serious about finding someone you can Become a Serious Member!

According to them , people who message you, know that you are serious. You’ll get far higher quality emails.
Didn't you get the idea? They categories them self as a free dating service wedsite,but take the opportunity to make money for those who seriously looking for a date..!!

My advice is to only use 100% pay to enter websites which are much safer from flaky people, time wasters, and minors posing as legal adults, scam artists and players.

The process of having to enter a credit card and address makes it easier to deter, catch scam artists, or violent people. This adds a big layer of protect you from most of the stuff which runs wild on a free site. And you know what piss people off? Those who bill you x.xx a month without you concern .

Don't  use a partially free site, like singlesnet, etc. Even if you use a partially free website, with limited access and pay for a pay membership on that service, you are still getting a cut down version of a service and are probably worse off than actually being on a free site since you will be paying and 90% of the members are free members, so basically you are paying for a degraded service.

The founder of Plentyoffish claims to have ruined the online dating business model and claiming that only users who can form and maintain long term relationships are given the privilege of upgrading( can you believe it). I mean you not gonna take my money if i am not that serious?How to you know i am serious? Odviously MONEY CAN proof..right?

1 year @ $5.95/month ($71.40)
6 months @ $7.80/month ($46.80)
3 months @ $9.80/month ($29.40)

This made perfectly sense that People who pay for online dating are generally considered more serious. This is not to say that trust and reputation tools can’t be integrated with free dating sites and others social networks sites to create an authentic sense of “seriousness”, but it’s just all about money..

Get Scammed By one fish

PlentyOfFish site still a free still dating site ( for those who not that serious,perhaps). It really shouldn't be considered SCAM since there is an upgrade option..

For THOSE WHO HAVE PAID PlentyOfFish  and get no result..Well,you CAN'T be “serious” in a site like PlentyofFish.

Deep Down Under The Web..

"Scammers not necessary to make you lose money but they might wasted your time. And don't forget,you time is money.Avoid hanging around from those who cheating you for money or programs that just waste your time" Anyway..Don't be too confident that you're never going to be scammed.. About this Scam Prevention Blog
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