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Dofollow scam or cheat

If you have spend your time on SEO your blog by adding your blog url to those dofollow social raking sites.Well it could be another time wasted thing you might have done to your blog.

Like many others blogger ,you might have follow the so called Do Follow Social Bxxkmarking List. Posted by xxxxx on XXXX Discussion board or personal blog.Since then you summit every new post to the site hoping to earn some dofollow link juice from the site.Let's check out the list.


This list was the typical one(the list has been forwarded thousand times over discussion board)..If you have spend you time on any site on the list.Chances are you are wasted you time helping the listed site growth.In other word:You been used...You been robbed You been used You been crucified and You been sacrifices and Now you're confused Ain't it the truth of getting reword from your hard work?

 Let's take as an example...They used to be a social ranking site where thousand of webmaster summit their url to the site.It help the site rank 24k in Alexa.

Among all dofollow sites in the list ,some of them still provide value in term of social traffic,if your goal is to SEO your blog ,these site just rubbish.On the beginning they group themself site a dofollow social sites,after gaining their ranking(specially Alexa which is base on clicks/ page impression) They either turned the site to notfollow or they simply delete you link completely.

This is another crap list i have tried.Beware you url might be added but it will gone after few days.


More CRAP social-networking sites dofollow Check this out :

I have no time to try out every one of them,some of them might work..biy hey ,how about tomorrow ?Basically they are from the same scripts AND I BELIEVE they will throw you out when times come.Stop wasting time on these crap if you are serious and would like to add long term value to your blog.check out Quality Blog Link Exchange Program.

-Snurf In
-URLs Central
-Kabuls Bookmarks
-Publish URL
-Bookmark Me
-Bookmarking Site
-Bookmark My Site
-Bookmark Submission
-Easy Bookmark
-Any Bookmark
-Bookmark All
-Bookmark Site
-Bookmarking Sites
-Easy Bookmarking
-Bookmark Spiders
-Digg Your Link
-Drigg Code
-eSocial Bookmarks
-List Bookmarks
-Mark URLs-
Social Web CMS
-Social Webpad
-Suggest Bookmark-Way 2 Bookmarks
-24 by 7 Bookmarks
-Aggre Press
-Stick 2 This
-Save Bookmarks
-Simply Pligg
-Yo Bookmarks
-Zoom Bookmarks
-Bookmarking Pixels
-Bookmark Roll
-Bookmarks Hub
-Express Bookmarks
-Full of Tags
-Jumbo Tagz
-Jumbo Bookmarks
-Links Roll
-Metro Tags
-Metro Tagz
-Neo Tags
-Best Stumbles
-Pligg CMS
-Royal Bookmarks
-Simple Tagz
-Bookmark X
-Bookmarking Zone
-Bookmarking World
-Byte Tags
-Tag Your Post
-Click Up Link
-World of Tags
-Stick to This
-Tactic News
-Bookmarking Web
-Bookmark Your Post
-Addictionaire Bookmarks
-Music Marks
-Directory List Bookmarks
-Social Directory Listings
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