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Click fraud while we chat

How to earn more money from AdSense?Increase the click trough rate will increase the profit.

kay,we knew it.

So,how to Increase click trough rate?
I am not going to talk about how to your optimise your page,your web layout..etc.I will talk some tricks those AdSense fraudster use.

Chat room AdSense click fraud

Let's follow a typical "Click for me" chat session: Note that this conversation involve at lease two persons(of cause) and it's generally believed that one of them was either "stupid"or "very stupid"and another one was either "clever" or "too clever"(when get busted).

How Fraudster earn from AdSense

Method:" Chat and Click"

US User : hello
FM Fraud: what are your coordinates, handsome?
US User : NY , NY
FM Fraud: Oh! Wish I could be there. Can you help out a damsel in distress?
US User : sure
AT Fraud: I have made a site and would to know if all the links on this page are working or not. Can you please click on the links and see if the other page loads?
US User: Sure. Link?
US User : wait! Yes I checked all the links and they are working fine.
FM Fraud:
US User : so can we talk about you now? ( Message Not Delivered as the fraudster has blocked the User and is busy looking for a new victim...

This kind AdSense fraudster do need a lot of hard work.I wonder if they can put their effort on creating more valuable contents on their blog rather then....."Try to be clever"

Earning online from Adsense need a lot of effort but definitely not this one.But,believe me sometime it work... for short period of time and you try it at your own risk.

Chat records source:Internet.
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